The lessons and workshops

Latin calligraphy, illumination, making of small articles from parchment and leather, the tannerie parcheminerie Dumas shares their know-how during the workshops for young and old.

Latin calligraphy for adults

Latin calligraphy, based on the Roman alphabet, is part of the history of writing.

Its practice, traditionally associated with copying of manuscripts by christian monks, was for them a kind of prayer. Concentration, precise gestures acquired through practice, turned the writing into an artform. Over time influenced by culture, politics, commerce, or technical innovations, it was in constant evolution ; new letters were born, spaces between words, punctuation, the use of capital letters…

For those keen on beautiful letters but also for all those looking for an initiation to the various writings of Latin calligraphy : historical evocation, different instruments and materials, come and try out this remarkable art and enjoy its beauty!

The workshop, set up in the heart of the parcheminerie Dumas allows for a rare chance to approach writing on parchment. The course is provided by Josiane Aubert-Dumas.

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The workshops for school students and groups

Workshops can be arranged with prior booking, minimum 6 participants

Casual workshops, for all levels: schools, leisure centers, special projects, birthdays, associations, families, handicapped persons, medico-educative centers…

Friends or family, contact us for one or two-hour, or full day workshops !

For students, it is ideal to group the workshop with a museum visit !

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Bring your own food, we take care of the entertainment

An unforgettable afternoon ! Your children will enjoy a private visit to the museum, specially arranged for them, and will take part in a playful and artistic workshop. You will catch up with them to admire their creations and celebrate the event!

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