The Parchment


The parchments of the Tannerie Parcheminerie DUMAS

Pure white or uncoloured skins, A4 and A3 formats, parchment offcuts, fishing bait and a wide range of colours of parchment.

SInce 1926, parchment is a family affair.

Since 1926, three generations have successively run Tannerie Parcheminerie Dumas !

For three generations we have been making and selling our parchment directly, converted in our tannery. We are your only interlocutor and it is with pleasure we will reply to all your technical questions.

Six weeks to create a parchment skin.

A long, precise and meticulous artisan process !

Parchment is a unique luxury material, obtained from an animal skin from which we keep just the dermis, with the hair removed. This transformation occurs through a precise and meticulous process achieved in several stages. From the moment the skin arrives at the tannery, to its finished state, it needs a month and a half of work. In order to respond rapidly to your needs we keep stock of various types of parchment.


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An ancient but surprisingly modern luxury material !

From writing material to luxury wall-covering !

Used as drum-skins from prehistorical times, developed as a writing material in the 2nd century BC, parchment is a material rich in history throughout centuries. Used for the sacred books of the Middle Ages, favoured by 1930-50 furniture designers, erstwhile lamp-shade material, sught after by drummers, parchment has no limits in time. Today, it adorns with class designer furniture and wall-coverings in buildings of exception.

A human touch to save valuable time!

Come and tell us about your projects!

For a first order, we recommend you to come and visit us to explain the constraints of your profession and your project. Our storeroom has been designed to display our various products. You can indicate your preferences between the types of parchment. Once we learn your specific needs, we will be able to give you a regular quality service corresponding exactly to your requirements. A human touch to save valuable time!

To learn more about the parchment ...

The booklet « Le Parchemin, Fabrication et Usages » and the DVD « Il était une fois le parchemin... »

The Parcheminerie Tannery DUMAS, in collaboration with the team of the Espace Muséal, and the illuminating students of the Association « D’Or et de Pigments », presents you the booklet «Le Parchemin, Fabrication et Usages».

Also discover the DVD of the film of Jean-Louis Vey « Au pays du cuir… Il était une fois le parchemin ».


In pictures, our parchment featured in our clients creations.

For each of your projects, a custom parchment.

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